Hello and welcome to my website!

If you are an English speaker and would prefer sessions in English, you are most welcome!

I am happy to support you with your project - if you want to solve a problem or a conflict, make a decision, improve your communication with partner or colleague, interrupt destructive patterns or build up your self-esteem.


In my psychotherapeutic work I integrate methods from different approaches like for example schema therapy, Gestalt therapy, systemic therapy, behavioral therapy or hypnotherapy. You will find that I use a mix of methods from these approaches, always depending on what is useful to you as an individual with your individual strengths (ressources) and problems. 

I work with individuals as well as with couples.


My work with couples is systemic as well as emotionally focused (based on the theory of Prof. Dr. Sue Johnson). Couples who are trapped in repetitive cycles of anger, fights and frustration will learn to better understand their partner's reactions and behaviour, which will at the same time help for them to be better understood and loved by their partner. Particulary important for my work are the research findings by John and Julie Gottman, that the couple gained by watching couples in happy and in unhappy relationships over years in their so-called Love Lab.


If you or your partner are at a point where they are not able or willing any longer to give your relationship a chance to grow, I offer my support and accompaniment in the sense of a responsible and conscious "uncoupling". Either with both partners or with only one of them.


I also work in a team with my colleague Maritta Patzschke if requested, as "4 eyes always see more than 2" as the German saying goes. These sessions with two couple therapists (possible in English or German) take place next to the S-Bahn station Grunewald.


If you want to learn more about my studies and the trainings I have had, please look under "Über mich" (About me) or feel free to ask.


You will find information about where to reach me when you click the tab "Kontakt".


My fees are:

Individual therapy: 80 Euros / 60 minutes

Couple therapy: 100 Euros / 60 minutes or 140 Euros / 90 minutes (90 minutes recommended)

Couple therapy with two therapists: 180 Euros / 90 minutes.

Cancellations less than 24 hours but more than 2 hours before the appointment: 50 % of the full fee.

Cancellations less than 2 hours before the appointment / No show: 100 %.


After our first appointment you will decide if you want to come again and we will set a schedule depending on how often would be best for you. We can meet weekly or every three to four weeks, depending on the urgency and the things you might want to practice in the time between our appointments.

I also make appointments in the mornings or evenings.

Please contact me at karin.st.mahler@gmail.com or 0162 782 77 16 (please leave a message and I will call back asap).